Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Psycho .. party of one.

So Saturday night was another Parent's Night Out.

Instead of actually going out we decided to stay in and just BBQ because not all kids could be watched. Usually it's the same four or five of us... this is our clique. Not by any means do we portray to be the "cool kids".. basically we're a bunch of old NKOTB fans. We are very accepting since we are all in the same boat.. and we let anyone hang out with us.

Anyways this week, there was an extra person invited to our bi-weekly Pow-wow. She is new to the island and her daughter is friends with my friends kid. So feeling bad that she was new.. she was invited to hang out.

She seemed normal enough at first. Then she did the first of many very strange things... and you'll see why.

We are standing in the living room and she whips out her phone goes something along the lines of "Hey I need all your phone #'s.. you first!" she looks at *T*. *T* relucently gives her # and then I'm standing next to her.. and she's like "you next". At that point I didn't know what to do so I gave it up. She then proceeds to call both of us and says " here this way you have me in your phone already".

*T* and I look at each other with this really confused look. I think maybe she's just lonely cause she's in a new place and just chalk it up to her newness.

About a half hour goes by and food is done so we sit outside around the patio table to eat. So "Newbie" looks up and goes.. ok.. so everyone tell me about yourself. We all looked at each other and really no one said anything. We all know each other and really don't think there's anything to tell. To break the silence I go " I work". Newbie goes.. everyone here is stay a home moms so we all work. ( Are you kidding me .. i know that.) I realize at this point it's all downhill tonight.

Newbie proceeds to start her life story. I paraphrase " Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm not embarrassed by this but I thought I'd let you all know I'm Bi-Polar" At that exact moment punkin starts calling for me and one of *L*'s kids bring her out to me. I have to get up and go inside but I never get to hear the rest of the story.

I come back outside about 10 minutes later and she's still talking and all my friends basically just have "deer in the headlights " look on their faces. For the next half hour everyone rotates in and out of the house from the table and this lady never shut up. She talked about extremely inappropriate things that no one really gave a crap about. Hot guys, her sex life, her husband .. a lot of it I blocked out. It got so bad that *J* and I started text messaging each other under the table cuz no one could get a word in.

I rotated into the kitchen with *C* and she looks at me and goes .."were you and *J* texting each other" I said yes.. you could tell" she goes " yes I was trying to text you but I couldn't get the thing to send look" she has this text that says " hey are you 2 texting shit?" it was the funniest thing .

Anyway we all finally went inside and started to play singstar. (It's like Kareoke only super fun) That was the only way she finally stopped talking.. but she complained about all the songs that she didnt know any. That's the point no one knows all the songs thats the fun part.

Eventuall the night came to an end. I was about to go upstairs to go get the sleeping punkin out of the playpen when Newbie asked if I could drive her home. She apparently walked and didn't plan on staying as late as she did. I said yes.. it was 10:45., what was I gonna do make her walk home alone in the dark.

Now the day before the punkin was running a fever and was being a little crabby but that morning she was fine. I go upstairs to get the punkin, I pick her up and carry her downstairs. At the point she proceeds to PUKE all over me. It was like she knew she was going to have to go in the car with that lady. At that point *J* volunteers to drive the newbie home.

I have friends who are bi-polar and I've worked with people who are bi-polar... and they're all relatively normal. Most are on medication... but none of them have randomly spewed that info to me on the first day I met them.

I feel bad about this whole thing.. but I really have no desire to hang out with her again, even if it's not her fault.

Does that make me a bad person?


Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds exacltly like something I would get myself into.

Sounds like someone I would go to great extremes to avoid. Unless I'm in a blogging rut and need some crazy to write about.


Melissa said...

Wow! I've definitely done the texting under the table thing before.

I wouldn't feel bad about avoiding her, after all you don't have to be friends with every one, you just have to be polite. ^o^

Jamie said...

we'll be bad people together!
i guess you missed the part about her being on lithium and being really manic last summer. i wish i had more reasons to go inside... ahhh! it was definitely a one time thing for me and that newbie, lol.

The Mrs. said...

oh my god I'm feeling uncomfortable for her all the way over here! the way you describe it it was one of those moments that you just cringe for the other person. Feeling embarrassed for them but yet they aren't in the least.

Perhaps she didnt get the memo to keep a little mystery about herself.

Ann M. said...

eh, I don't think that it was the fact that she is bi-polar that you don't want to hang out with her again...so I don't see how that would make you a bad person. I think you did about as much as you should have--you invited her because she was new, you gave it a shot, and it sounds like she's just not compatible with your group. Nothing to feel bad about there.

And hey, now that her number is in your phone, you'll know it's her and can let it go to voicemail.

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Um, no. I don't think it makes you a bad person. I've met some people like that in the past too. Unfortunately one of my friends husbands is that way and it makes me not want to hang with her if he'll be around. It gets exhausting!

Does that mean I'm a bad person? lol Gosh I hope not!