Sunday, September 14, 2008


I know I haven't written in a while.. I haven't really been motivated to write about the Army and Army life. It's been really crappy around here with that so I figured, I'd just not say anything. I'm finally going to explain what's been going on.

The past few months things have been kinda at a standstill with the hub and the Army.

The last time my hubby was in Iraq he broke his leg/ankle.. nothing serious but serious enough for him to have to have surgery and be put on a Med profile. After his surgery he was supposed to have physical therapy.. but out of his 36 appointments... he was only permitted to go to about 8 or so of them. He never heeled properly so was told he can't run anymore.

What's the biggest part the the PT program ..... running.

Partly because of that, partly because of the actual injury and partly because my hubby likes McDonald's a little too much.. he's had a really hard time keeping his weight down.

He's been on profile for a really long time.. and hasn't been promoted since prior to 2003. He'd been given the benefit of the doubt for a long time and now it was time to shit or get off the pot.

This time since he's been in the sandbox, there was almost a complete change of command in his unit and the new command basically thought he was a crappy soldier because of his weight and seemed pretty hellbent to med board his ass right out of the army.

Hence mine and his complete loss of faith and dis-illusionment with the Army.

Apparently some time last month ,after he failed his last tape, his 1SGT realized the hub is not a shitbag. He made the hub his personal pet project to get him off the flag and get him promoted. This was the new goal. PT twice a day, strict diet plan.. the whole nine. He was getting taped today and this was basically it.. pass or civilian life.

So everything was very up in the air..but things finally are looking up..

Today he passed his tape test.. that means he is off his med flag, able to re-enlist and able to get promoted. All total he's lost 44 lbs ( he was heavier than we initally thought). Is it wrong for me to want to kiss the 1SGT for being all HOOAH?lol

This is a big relief for both of us. The not knowing what the future was going to hold for us has been very stressful and nerve-racking... now it seems that everything's gonna work out( knock on wood). I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I guess I can still write my blog since I'll continue to be an Army wife.


KJ said...

I'm sorry to hear you guys have had to deal with that, but congrats to the hub on all the hard work!! And congrats to you as well :) I hope things continue to look up for you guys!

Breanne said...

Just stopping by - great blog. I bet that was really hard - How wonderful he passed and he will get promoted. I really hope his leg heals right.

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

I'm glad it all got sorted out for you. It's got to be really tough not knowing what the plan is going to be from day to day.

Congrats to your hubby! I know difficult it is to lose that kind of weight. (I always gain a ton when I'm pregnant and then have the most awful time getting it back off again) He must have worked really hard :)

The Mrs. said...

oh the not knowing SUCKS. So glad you guys have some idea whats going on... now just waiting for promotion. Thats no where near as bad as waiting to see whats happening is it!

All the best luck to him!!