Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Rain on Christmas

Well Merry Christmas (and a belated Happy Thanksgiving)to all. I know it's been a while but the hecticness of Christmas at the mall is finally over... hence the first blog in over a month. I seriously haven't even opened this sight in like a month.

Today was a very mellow day.... I sat home.. just me and the kid, completely enjoyimg the solitude of it all. Again it rained on and off all day so best bet was to stay inside and that's exactly what we did.

A bunch of stuff happened in the last month... so I'll bullet point it and catch everyone up.
So here it is in no particular order

~Went to the base Christmas tree lighting.. always strikes me as kinda crazy when you get to watch the Christmas tree get lit in shorts and a tee and it's like 70 degrees.

There was a grammar school choir who sang a jingle bells song version of Santa being fat and the 60 year old choir director decided to do a solo and she was terrible. I taped her and actually thought about putting her up on YouTube. The punkin loves the lights so everynight we drive past the tree on the way home.. Since I didn't put up a tree this year, it's like our own tradition.. just the 2 of us.

~The Hub got promoted and finally made his E5... and we got our report date for West we'll be back east by August.. so if anyone wants to hang .. let me know.

~Dec 6 .. he was officially gone a year..and that means I've been writing this blog for a year. It went by way faster than I thought it would.. and now we are at the less than 2 month mark from home. I have to admit I do kind of dred having to share my house and bathroom with another person again , even if it is the Hub .For those who started late on my blog (and are actually still reading it).. here's the first post.. And so it begins..... I was a way more entertaining blogger back than.

~The squatter asked if he could move back in with us when they get back from Iraq.. and was told a resounding NO! The hubby blamed me, but it was him.. it's ok, he can blame me all he wants.

~Work was insane.. people are crazy this time of year. Black Friday was ridiculous, I had a girl pass out in the store at 845am waiting in line because she didnt eat. Since she was only 15 and was shopping with her friend .She was an unaccompanied minor and had to be taken away in the ambulance. She was fine.... just stupid. We did over 20 grand that day and were the #11 store in the company that day. Oh the craziness.

~There were 2 rushings of the punkin to the ACC. One for pink eye.. the other for an inflamed tonsil. The pink eye didn't worry me so much but the tonsil was so big in the back of her throat I completely freaked. Then she had a reaction to her medicine.. nothing serious but it just seems to be 1thing after the other. Her tonsil is still crazy big... i wonder if it doesn't go down if they'll have to take them out.

~My friend *J* threw a Christmas party at her house and turned the air down to like 60 so it was freezing cold and felt like winter. It was a blast and I finally learned the true definition of a "white elephant" gift .

~We've had 2 Video conference things to see my hubby since the one on Halloween. The last one was terrible.. the signal kept dropping and towards the end I couldn't hear him. It didn't really matter though... he got to see the punkin run around and stuff.

~I got totally obsessed with the Twilight craze... granted I had jumped on the bandwagon way before everyone else.(TEAM JACOB-CUZ REAL MEN DON'T SPARKLE DAMMIT!) I do have to admit I was way disappointed by the movie. So I'm kinda over it. I have started reading her book The Host.. started out kinda slow but now not so bad.

~Both my neighbors upstairs have moved out and they are completely renovating both apts. New screen doors, ceiling fans, the whole nine.. I think they are getting hardwood floors. It sure sounds like they are getting floors.. its really loud. This whole place is like unbelievably empty.... ever since the other Brigade left... even all the wives went home. I'm like one of 7 or 8 people left on my block.. but hey at least there's no traffic

~ I did the punkins xmas pictures for the christmas cards myself.. they came out pretty kick butt. I posted the semi fuzzy /far awayish ones.. just cuz you all know I don't like to post pics of the fam or the kid. Yay for snapfish and their very cool card selections. Yes that bottom one is right outside my patio gate.

Otherwise I think that is really everything. I am going to try and make a more conscience effort to blog... hopefully it will make these last 2 months go by super fast.

Merry Christmas all... hope you are all doing well. I'll try and catch up on all your lives in the next few days.


..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

Love the pictures even though they're blurry :) She looks like a cutie! Hope you had a merry Christmas- even though it was quiet. Next year hopefully you'll all be together as a family again.

The Mrs. said...

thanks for the refresher course. It is amazing that its been a year, I remember when you started this blog! Time flies... or something like that. I hope the next two months go by right quick for you. And soon enough you'll be up here in the artic tundra. lucky you.

hope 2009 brings you guys lots of togetherness : )

jlc said...