Monday, November 10, 2008

Homeward Bound

Well today is re-enlistment day. The Hub is officially staying a soldier for another 6 years. God help us... well .. help me. LOL.

They are doing some Veteran's Day Re-Up ceremony.. so Hubby was all over that and had to re-enlist to be part of that. There was another reason why Hubby had to re-enlist basically ASAP.

Since the hub had passed the promotion board, we had been throwing around a lot of ideas on where we should go next. Whether he wanted to change his MOS. He wanted to stay here... I told him if he re-enlisted to stay on this island.. he'd be staying by himself cuz I was not spending another 3 years here. Needless to stay he passed on that idea.

He also wanted to go to a non-deploying unit. He felt like he missed so much of the punkin's early days that he didn't want to miss anything it began.

I wanted to go south.. he wanted to go back to Jersey. I didn't want to go back to Jersey... I just came from there. I wanted to be close to home..but far enough away to not be bothered all the time. He said middle east coast VA/DC/MD. We bounced around a couple of places and finally decided on a place. Then was he going to be able to get into a non-deploying slot. Oh the Drama.

The place we decided on was closed .. so he had to apply to see if there was going to be a slot open at the time ,we were due to peace out of this place. He said usually you get a yes or no answer within like a day or 2.

A week and a half ago he put in for the slot... and we waited. Day one and 2 passed with no word. Hub said that was normal. Then day 3 and 4 passed.. with still no word. I started to get discouraged but the Hub said not getting an immediate response was a good sign cuz if the slot was closed they would've came right back and said no. Another whole day went by when at like 4 am the following morning i get this text message:

"Guess what? We be going to West Point, I got the notice today. Luv you"

That's right we are headed to West Point. Which is super exciting for me... since it basically is only an hour drive from home for us. After spending all this time alone.. I get to hang out with my friends and fam AND the Hub is not deploying. Everyone back home is really happy. I think they are more excited to see our kid then actually us,LOL. Hub is just excited for Army football and the close distance to Yankee Stadium. Oh the priority.

The hub is locked-in but needed to re-up sooner than later to make sure it stays ours. So today is that day... and hopefully the Army doesn't screw anything up within the next 8 months.

Now I've been to visit West Point and gone to Bear Mountain a few times, but if anyone (all 4 of you that still read my terrible blog) has any suggestions, advice or just general info I could use I'll gladly take it.

The countdowns begin.


Lindsay said...

Congratulations on getting assigned somewhere you actually want to go!

I know absolutely nothing about that area, so I can't help ya. But I can say, Woo Hoo!

KJ said...

It's not a terrible blog :-P

AND Congrats!! I'm with Lindsay... don't know anything about the area, never even been - but there are lots of ladies in the blog world who are familiar, lots of their husbands graduated from there, so maybe leave them a comment? Sorry, that's the only suggestion lol... but YAY!!! I'm excited for you guys!

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Yay! How exciting! West Point isn't so very far from us here in Jersey ;)

J and I both grew up in NY, and being based in Jersey now is a perfect set up. We're close enough to visit family, but not so close that we have people dropping in on us (a.k.a.- driving us crazy) all the time. You'll love it! lol

doreen said...

Yay for West Point!! I've been there myself. (It's beautiful!...ok, not Hawaii, but it's still nice). Upstate New York, is well, upstate New York, ya know. Having worked up there a lot I know you may get bored.Malls are few and far. Even orange county, can seem like the sticks, but its very quaint around West Point and you're right on the river...and there's mass transit to the city too.

jlc said...

OMG! Congrats!!!!!!!!

I wish we BE going to West Point. Great news! Lots of luck. :-)

Ann M. said...

I can't help you either, sorry, but yay! congrats! I think maybe the Mrs. might know some stuff about the area...

The Mrs. said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Your coming to ME!!!!!

you'll be in my backyard!!!!!

Oh I'm so excited, no other bloggers live near me. When can we meet when can we meet?

Ok I realize I've probably scared you now. damn. if you have any question let me know, we aren't stationed at west point but still I might know the answers.