Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!


Today is my birthday!!!
That is my super cool Rubiks cube birthday cake for my 80s party.
(*L* did a kick ass job)

I have the bestest friends ever.

I got roses too... from hubby.

For it being my Happy birthday.
I wish I felt more happy.


Lindsay aka Corn said...

Happy Birthday! And seriously, what a kick ass cake.

Smile and enjoy your day!

Anchored Away said...

Happy birthday!

jlc said...

Happy belated bday!! Love the rubic's cube cake!! :)

Me said...
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Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

Happy Birthday! That's a super cool cake :)

Armygurl said...

I wish I had made it to that party! Pey is such a stinker when it gets late. =(
It looks like you had a good time. And once again Happy Birthday to you!

The Mrs. said...

Happy birthday!!! (sorry I'm late)

wendy said...

Happy (late) Birthday!

I love your cake. Awesome.

I haven't been online much lately, and I feel like I missed so much!

I'm glad you are still around and doing so well!