Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So the punkin pee'd in the potty for the first time the other morning.
I was so excited youd've thought I won the lottery.

The fact that I was so excited..... made her clap and yell yay!!

She hasn't done it again since.
Now she just sits there... with her clothes on.

It's amazing what motherhood does to a person that peeing can bring such happiness.lol.

My other Milestone is that we've only got about 4 months left of this deployment.
That's only 20 burrito nights to go.


Lindsay said...

Hey a milestone is a milestone! At least your on the downhill run now!

New Girl on Post said...

Did you see the Jon and Kate Plus 8 when she took pictures of the first poo her kid did in the potty?

I think your clapping hands and yelling is pretty much normal. :)

The Mrs. said...

yah for the potty! I bribed and it worked wonders. One gummy lifesaver for sitting on the potty, two for peeing and crap a fist full for well... crap.

Good luck!

(army)Wife said...

I'll admit potty training is one of the things I'm most scared about when it comes to being a mom, especially since I'm having a boy. Does that make a difference? So I have a feeling I'll clap and yell also when it finally happens :)

ABW said...

I don't think Junior will ever get to the potty training stage. I keep hoping Gunner comes home early and does it all in a 4 day weekend with a bag of m&m's like he did with the first one.