Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another day

Tuesdays are always hectic in the morning here.

We have Kindergym in the morning so trying to get a 3 year old ready, dressed and out the door on time is always eventful. Add on the fact I preggo it.. well I'm sure you get it. Usually most days she cooperates..today was one of those days believe it or not. It was before that when the fun started.

Hubby got up this morning either with his alarm or before it cause I didn't even hear it, which was nice. I didn't even notice he was up until he was kissing me goodbye. I slept til about 730 when the punkin was yelling for me.

I didn't get up right away.. usually she just lays in her bed watching Mickey Mouse but this morning I hear her get up. I assume she is on the potty. I get up to check on her and she is sitting there on the toilet. COMPLETELY DRESSED in her jammies. Then I hear.. the sound of her peeing through her clothes. There goes my "yay for being potty trained" blog from yesterday.

Now the whole sight was so ridiculous to watch.. I couldn't even be mad. I asked her why she pee'd her clothes she just looked up and shrugged at me.

I love my kid.lol.

After getting her off the pot, cleaned and dressed we made it to KinderGym. Today was her last class until after the kids are born. It's getting a little much for me to get around, I tire out so easily now. I figure there's 10 classes a cycle so by the time the next cycle is good to go.. I should be too.

Meanwhile Hubby is on this new health kick. Since he got back from the sandbox and we Pcs'd... let's just say he's put on some extra weight from the lack of organized PT here and just general hub-ness.(It's a word -I made it up,lol).

A few weeks ago he was told that once he went to WLC he was pretty much on the list to go to the P-Board. Which I was super excited for. We were trying to figure out when a good time would be for him to go so not to conflict with the pending arrival of the kids...when the news came down he failed his tape test. Failure=no WLC=no promotion. Hence the sudden workout gung-ho-ness(another invented word).

Ever since getting here I hoped he would get all motivated to possibly put in his packet for PA (physician's asst) but no luck... he is definitely more motivated to be promoted, way more than he ever was in Hawaii... so hopefully the gym, protein shakes and fitness mags will pay off.

It's been over a week and so far he is still all about it. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


The Mrs. said...

If you ever want to try to meet up let me know. I'm usually down there once a week. We have a tradition, run our errands at the hospital {with threekids there is always some reason we are there} then we go to the px for BK, then off to the commissary. When its nice outside {ie NOT winter!} the boys love to run around trophy point.

my email is on my profile page, let me know!

Kristie said...

Pleasure to read... thanks